1. Futur Proche

Ève Grenier Houde & Mika Pluviose
For the webzine Futur Proche


Art direction and set design for the militantism portrait of the Futur Proche first issue. 

"Last fall, these two high school students participated in an unprecedented mobilization for the climate, unprecedented in Quebec and around the world. Here is a portrait of young activists Ève Grenier Houde, 17, and Mika Pluviose, 16."

Futur Proche is an independent journalism project that focus on the climate emergency (with a creative twist, while drawing on scientific facts).

The plastic used for the photo shoot comes from friends and neighbors who wanted to get rid of it and will be reused for other Futur Proche photo shoots.

Stylist : Élisabeth Labelle
Photos : Kay Milz
Art direction : Valéry Lemay
MUA : Janie Gagnon
Clothes : Veri