Client: GSoft
Work: Illustration and Design
Location: Montreal
Date: 2020

Details: Editorial illustrations for the GSoft blog article Supporting the Next Generation… While Working from Home.

“As COVID-19 altered the landscape, our recruitment efforts were not spared. The weekend before Montreal went into lockdown, Alyssa was preparing for a 300-student hackathon we had sponsored. Even with so much invested, we could not in good conscience take part in such an immense gathering. We cancelled our booths, our planned events, our partners and suppliers, not just for the hackathon but for everything we had planned over the next two months. Alyssa can’t help but laugh: “Two months seemed so generous back then.” We all had lessons to learn, but first, we had to take care of our people. Staff and interns alike were sent home on Friday and would show up to work from home on Monday. As a tech company, we had the tools and certain advantages in place, but we’d never done it on such a large scale. Luckily, our cohort of interns had already been settled in for a few months, so we supported them in much the same way as our other teammates: setting up clear lines of communication, opening purse strings for setting up their home office, etc.”

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Tuesday Oct 5 2021