1969 album


Design and illustration for 1969 album collective.

Twelve artists, including Ariane Moffatt, Half Moon Run, Safia Nolin, Les sœurs Boulay, Elliot Maginot and Elisapie have joined forces on the project 1969, paying homage to the music of the late 60s and helmed by director Connor Seidel. The album offers 13 original songs, all inspired by the style and arrangements of the late 60s.

Brief: Design an album that represents a very different subset of artists and nods to the 1969 aesthetic.

Concept: Based on the risography ink palette, each color (and shape) represents an artist or a song in the collective. 

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︎ Production: Connor Seidel
︎ Location: Montreal
︎ Gaphic design: Valéry Lemay
︎ Illustration: Valéry Lemay
︎ Photography: Kay Milz